19 Fun Wedding Cake Photos

You’ve already seen some of our favorite wedding cakes, toppers, and dessert alternatives. We thought we round out our series by sharing 19 unique and inspirational wedding cake photos! Some are wild (think peacock feathers and elaborate bows) while others are more classic. In any case, we have photo ideas for any kind of wedding.

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This stunning four-tiered cake is inspired by a peacock's colorful plumage in blue green, golden orange, and a dash of purple detail.
This gorgeous four-tiered cake sits atop a circular huge cut branch of wood. It is surrounded by edible vine decorations and topped with a pair of love birds.
The four-tiered cake is cream-colored with sunflower embellishments and a lovely fun cake topper. It has a beautiful intricate design.
a peach-colored four-layer cake with a simple and lovely pattern with roses.
The wedding cake itself is often a large, multi-tiered confection, carefully crafted and decorated with intricate details and embellishments.
This white cake with a blue ribbon with a snowflake design and a letter "E" topper with crystal embellishments is great for a winter wedding.

(Above) “This cake was from a sweet couple who got married in January in Indiana. Their cake had a great winter theme. It was classy and spoke to the season.”

– Erika Brown Photography

A close-up of a wedding cake with a gold ribbon design and shredded cheese toppings.
A three-tiered wedding cake with a simple design, crystal decorative elements, and a letter M topping.
gorgeous white wedding cake with light blue ribbon and a crystal in the centre of the ribbon, as well as a simple design on the cake,
MK letter topper and floral decoration on a five-tier luxury wedding cake.
2 tier modern white wedding cake with a tint of green (like lettuce design)
Elegantly constructed four-tiered wedding cake with ribbon and floral embellishments.
A beautiful and simple wedding cake with a letter H topper has a smooth and glossy surface with a few subtle decorative touches
This large wedding cake with huge floral embellishments surrounding it has a highly eye-catching appearance.
This traditional wedding cake has charming toppers, a fresh strawberry arrangement, and a flowery design beside the cake.
This stunning wedding cake has a black and red hints design with red roses and a cute topper cake.

(Above) “This was an interesting wedding. Wildfires during the summer of 2012 prevented this couple from getting married at the venue they had originally chosen in Red Feather Lakes. Approximately 2 weeks prior to their wedding, they decided to get married at the bride’s parents’ home in Eaton. Since the fires were still burning on June 29th, there was a smokey haze along the front range.”

– Milestone Imaging

This four-layered orange and purple cake has a very classic and gorgeous appearance and a cute topper cake that rides a plane.
This distinctive wedding cake in black and white features a letter D topper, black ribbon, and a simple design.
This four-tiered white wedding cake is decorated with black ribbons around the cake in each layer and a lovely floral topper.

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