Funny Wedding Guest Problems, Every Guest Can Relate To

Even though a wedding is all about the bride and groom, the people who attend the event have their own unique wedding guest problems to deal with. We found this fun list of problems only wedding guests can understand on Loverly and just had to share. Those who’ve been to many weddings will get a kick out of this…

You just hate when other people ask, “So, when are you getting married?!?” And they ask all throughout the ENTIRE wedding.

When you realize there is a cash bar…

You wear high heels and then realize that the wedding is outdoors!

Trying to be nice and happy for them throughout the entire wedding, all while knowing your friend could have done so much better!

Please do not ask me again… I DO NOT want to dance!

You are attending a wonderful outdoor wedding, in the crazy hot summer, and there is NO shade at all. Help me, please!!!

Getting there and seeing your ex… and not knowing ahead of time he was invited.

We hope you have enjoyed these. Be sure to check out the entire list of wedding guest problems on Loverly.

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