Where to Take Engagement Photos: 4 Tips From The Pros

Location, location, location! When it comes to choosing where to take your engagement photos, there are several things to consider in order to make the most of this special shoot (really, it’s the fun part). We asked our photographers to send their best advice for where to take engagement photos, and they gave us some fabulous insight. Here are their top 5 engagement location tips:

“The truth of the matter is, on your wedding day you may get to visit one or two other locations outside your wedding ceremony and reception for taking additional photos. Doing an engagement session will give you flexibility and options to do a session that’s creative, with various backdrops, wardrobe pieces and looks.”

– Jessica Chapman of Brio Media Photography & Design

Where to Take Engagement Photos by Medcalf PhotographyWhere to Take Engagement Photos by Josh Fisher Photography

Choose somewhere special.

A few specific ideas:

  • First Date
  • First Kiss
  • Where you got engaged
  • Destination that you love to get away to
  • Setting of shared hobbies or interests (hiking, sports teams, etc.)

“Any good photographer will have an arsenal of great locations available for photographing portraits. But a great photographer will ask you this question first: do you have a location that is special to you as a couple? Do you have a house that you’ve remodeled together, or a destination that you love to get away to? By utilizing a location that’s extra- special to you, your engagement portraits can be an even more meaningful celebration of your relationship.”

– Fritz Photography

“There is always a place that represents something important in the story of the couple. Places like these should be included as a location for the engagement session as it can be a great opportunity to show your generations to come a bit of how everything started.”

– Ron Lima

“The more meaningful the location, the more you will love your images and the better they will tell your story.”

– Dawn Nash Photography

Determine what kind of style you want.

“Having your wedding in the city? Then why not do a country/rustic themed engagement session just to mix it up? Or if you are having a large ceremony in a beautiful cathedral, then consider and urban-grunge engagement session if that suits your taste.”

– Jessica Chapman of Brio Media Photography & Design

 Where to Take Engagement Photos by Medcalf Photography

Be realistic, and make sure to check out the location before hand.

“Don’t just choose a random location because you saw a nice photo taken there once. These photos are going to be with you forever so choose a special and meaningful location to you and your fiancé.”

We all see fabulous photos online, and we would love to recreate them for our own photographs. One thing to remember is that a lot of the time what makes a great photo is the surroundings. So if you see a sweet pose in the country side on a sunny day with the sun setting behind the couple, and you’re trying to recreate the pose in the city on a cloudy morning, don’t expect the same results. Instead look at photos that have a similar background to your location.

Joanna Moss Photography

“It is important to find a spot that reflects your love and a place you’ll both feel comfortable. There is no such thing as an ‘ugly’ location….there is beauty everywhere.”

– Eugenio Williams, The Wedding Traveler

Be creative

“Think of all the creative locations that incorporate great architecture that you may not have access to on your wedding day. Consider creating a story-board using images from magazines and posters that inspire you. These are just ideas. Everyone’s tastes are different, and that’s the point of your engagement session…because while your wedding photos and venues will be subject to a particular standard, your engagement session can provide and opportunity for balance in your photo repertoire that really allows your style and personalities to shine through.”

– Jessica Chapman of Brio Media Photography & Design

“You should choose a location or setting for your engagement session that reflects who your are as a couple. Focus on finding settings that are meaningful to your relationship or bring back fond memories. Do you have shared hobbies or interests? Use these to show the world who you two are.”

– Jim and Veronica Warnock of 2now1 Photography

Where to Take Engagement Photos by Nathan Moreau Photography
Where to Take Engagement Photos by 2now1 Photography

Where to Take Engagement Photos by The Wedding Traveler

There you have it! Any struggles with choosing where to take engagement photos should be quelled by these helpful and informative tips from our SnapKnot photographers.

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