12 Pretty Wedding Cakes by The Cake Whisperer

No matter what wedding theme you are having, you can create your decor, including your wedding cake, around that theme! Whether you want a traditional white cake, or you want it covered with red roses or a beach theme, the possibilities are truly endless.

The cakes we want to show you today are made by Cat Campbell and her company The Cake Whisperer based in Ottawa, Canada, and are amazing. The Cake Whisperer specializes in custom, luxury cakes for weddings and special events.

Cat told the Mon Cheri Bridal blog, “I like to think I was born with a paintbrush in one hand and an off-set spatula in the other. The Cake Whisperer marries my passion for creative arts, with my newfound love of baking and pastry.” You can see more of these pretty wedding cakes here.

This stunning four-tier wedding cake in black and light pink color includes text on the cake that says "and they lived happily ever after" and is adorned with a huge flower.
This simple yet lovely cake decoration has a letter C adorned with little flowers and a sweet flower topper.
This five-layer white wedding cake is simply adorned with three flowers and silver motifs.
This simple yet lovely wedding cake in dark blue and white is adorned with a large flower in the center.
This little two-tiered light pink wedding cake features exquisite fondant decorations.
A gorgeous white wedding cake is embellished with four lovely flowers and foliage. Simple, but visually appealing.
With exquisite flower toppers and a heart shape design, an adorable and fantastic wedding cake in gold and light pink emanates so much beauty.
This simple yet stunning wedding cake is light blue and white in color, with one flower and a leaf embellishment.
Pretty wedding cake in light pink and white, adorned with flowers in the same color as the wedding cake.
A four-tiered white and black wedding cake is adorned with flowers and an intricate design.
This magnificent and exquisite wedding cake has five tiers with excellent embellishments and cute flower topper
This pretty and elegant wedding cake is a five-tiered wedding cake with wonderful embellishments and colors.

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