Wedding Traditions: “Something Borrowed”

The third of the five items or “Something Borrowed” represents borrowed happiness. The idea is that a bride uses a borrowed item from a long-time happily married couple, whose good fortune in marriage is supposed to carry over to the new bride. The borrowed item also reminds the bride that she can depend on her friends and family. It is also considered appropriate to borrow an item from someone (or a couple) who symbolize happiness.

We put together a  few ideas that our photographers’ brides have done in the past that might be helpful when deciding what item to use for your “Something Borrowed”.

(Insider’s tip: It’s always a good idea to send a thank you card when returning the borrowed item.)

1.  Grandma’s handkerchief

“Sujey carried her grandmother’s handkerchief down the aisle, along with some beautiful new blue jewelry.”

Kristin Griffin Photography

Something Borrowed from Kristin Griffin Photography2. Your mother’s wedding dress

“Brittney wanted a second look for her reception, so rather than purchasing an additional gown, she chose to wear her mother’s for the reception. She changed just prior to her father-daughter dance and surprised her dad.”

Kristin Griffin Photography

Something Borrowed from Kristin Griffin Photography3. Jewelry

“Here is an example of old jewelry. The ring also qualified as the bride’s ‘Something Borrowed’ and as her ‘Something Blue’. I think we forgot what great jewelry our grandparents and great grandparents had, and that they wore it all the time.”

Misty Enright Photography

Something Borrowed from Misty Enright Photography4. A car

“The ‘vintage’ car was borrowed from the sister of the bride’s fiancé.”

Joanna Moss Photography

Something Borrowed from Joanna Moss Photography5. A patch “borrowed” from other generations

“This bride’s family had started a beautiful tradition of sewing a patch in under layers of the bridal gown that has embroidered all the women’s names in the family who had been married before them.”

– Deanna of Cherryville Photography

Something Borrowed from Cherryville PhotographyA couple other sweet ideas:

  • Include flowers from the bride’s grandparents’ garden in floral arrangements at the wedding or in the bride’s bouquet
  • Borrow the song from the bride’s (or groom’s) parents’ wedding to dance to

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Photo cred: Kristin Griffin Photography, Misty Enright Photography, Joanna Moss Photography, Cherryville Photography.

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