Really Awesome Themed Wedding Cakes

A theme is a very starting point on how to pick out all the details that go into planning a wedding! One of those details is the wedding cake! Everyone loves getting a look at the cake because this is where you are able to let your creativity go wild. You could have a traditional cake that is nothing short of gorgeous or you could have something unique – a really amazing themed cake. Anything you could ever imagine can be designed just for you and made into the cake of your dreams! We found some amazing ones and had to share these awesome-themed wedding cakes with you today!

The wedding cake ties all the details throughout your wedding together. It’s considered a vocal point at any reception, and not to mention it’s edible! Who doesn’t love a delicious piece of cake?!?

We found 15 beautifully designed cakes that cover an assortment of themes that we would love to share with you! Check them out below and we hope they are able to inspire you when it comes to planning out ideas for your very own themed wedding cake!

Gorgeous and inspired by a Vincent Van Gogh painting.

A fun Wall•E inspired design!

Complete your happy ever after with this fairytale-themed cake.

If you were in a long distant relationship, this themed cake is perfect to show how you were able to overcome the distance and be together. Such a fun and unique idea!

This cake is sure to inspire the Star Wars fans out there.

Here is a pastel-themed cake that would be perfect for any rustic wedding.

For all those who love the snow and the mountains – or if you are having a rustic or outdoorsy-themed wedding – this is the cake for you.

A beautiful cake that was inspired by a Monet painting.

A fun Lego-inspired cake… so amazing and love the detail!

For all the Harry Potter lovers out there, here is a stunning cake we know you will love to have at your wedding.

Make your wedding the talk of the town with this Great Gatsby-inspired wedding cake.

This Game of Thrones cake has so much detail… amazing!

If you love a variety of vibrant colors and want your wedding to reflect the same, you will love this watercolor-themed wedding cake.

Whether you grew up in a beach town or are having a beach-themed wedding, this is the cake for you.

Many fairytales include a beautiful, and romantic, enchanted forest, check out this wedding cake that was inspired by just that.

Whether you already have a theme or are still trying to figure one out, we hope these themed wedding cakes inspired you!

If you still need more inspiration for your theme, check out this Dr Seuss Inspired Wedding that had absolutely stunning wedding photography!

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