Wayfair Wedding Registry: 5 Reasons to Make Your Registry

When you are planning your wedding, a wedding registry is a very important (and fun) part of the process. You and your fiancé get to figure out what items you want people to purchase for you as you start your new life together. It is never too early in your engagement to start your registry, and if you are thinking of where to register, you should consider doing so today with Wayfair Wedding Registry!

Here are 5 awesome reasons why you should consider a Wayfair gift registry for your own wedding:

1. Wayfair has everything you can think of to furnish your home, all in one place.

2. The registry allows you to customize your registry with photos, favorites, and special notes for your guests.

3. You will get a dedicated registry specialist to help you create your registry as well as to assist your guests when they are purchasing a gift for you.

4. Wayfair offers a great price selection so every guest can find a gift that fits their budget.

5. The bride and groom get a 10% fulfillment discount on any items left unordered on the registry after the wedding!

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