Wedding Registry Guide – How To Setup Your Registry

You are getting married and you thought the hardest part would be the planning, right? But then you got to the wedding registry and had actually to start listing things and experiences you’d like, and that’s where things started to get overwhelming. Don´t worry, this is where Zankyou comes in. As an online cash registry, we get a lot of clients asking us how to best take advantage of this chance to create the ultimate wish list for their new home and new life together. So we have created this helpful wedding registry guide to help couples figure out what they really want out of their registry.

First Things First:

What Kind of Couple Are You?

This may seem like a generic question at the start of a Buzzfeed “Which Disney couple are you” quiz but is an essential base for how you build your registry. For example, are you a couple that loves the outdoors? Do you have a shared hobby like rock climbing or fishing? List items that you could use for your hobby. Are you a couple that prefers to stay indoors? List items for your living room or shared space that you can enjoy, like an improved sound system.

Where are you in your life?

Again, don’t let the existential nature of this question frighten you, it will help determine what you need for your registry. For example, a couple who has been living together for some time probably has their own house and goods and does not need their registry to help them start out the way a couple just moving in together might. The latter should consider registering for all of the basics, while the other couple can consider more non-traditional ideas like a honeymoon fund – for more ideas that´ll have you re-thinking your wedding registry, check out our article here.

Think ahead.

We’re not just talking about family planning. Far too often couples don’t register for enough, thinking four or six plates, cups, and table settings is enough. Maybe for the first year or two of living together, things inevitably break and families grow, so plan ahead and save yourself some mismatched dining sets.

When Registering:

Keep it real.

It is definitely nice to dream big, but if the reality is that you don’t have a yard (even if you might have one in the future), don’t list a grill on your wedding registry. Take into account where you live and your access to storage space. If storage, cabinet space, and closets are a non-issue, register away! Otherwise, try and keep it to the bare essentials and ask for things you really need.

Keep it basic.

Nobody really wants to be basic these days, but if you and your partner don’t share the exact same tastes for dinnerware, furniture, and more, then save yourselves the hassle and stick to classic styles – for example, white dinnerware. It might seem boring or like the easy way out, but white dinnerware is timeless and goes with everything. Traditional styles are much more versatile and will last longer, too. You can always add the more adventurous stuff later.

Keep it simple.

Register at two or three registries at the most. It can get confusing for your guests and, not to mention for you. For your more traditional guests, register at a department store, and for a non-formal registry check out Zankyou, an online cash registry, and FREE wedding website that helps couples organize everything in one place.

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