Couple’s Wedding Photos by a Live Volcano in Hawaii

A Hawaiian couple named Lauren and Alex Michaels, prove that they are a very brave couple! The two of them along with their wedding photographer Jenna Lee decided that they wanted to take some of their wedding photos next to a volcano while it was spewing molten hot lava! These wedding photos of a live volcano in Hawaii that we saw on BRIDES are not something you see very often and are pretty amazing. We are so excited to show them to you

a gorgeous couple with flower adornments in a live volcano in Hawaii.

Lauren, a Hawaiian wedding planner, and Alex had their wedding at a private residence in Kauai in June and decided a month after that they wanted to do something a bit different and unique to capture a few more shots of themselves as newlyweds.  Along with their photographer, Jenna of Jenna Lee Pictures, they planned a portrait session on Kalapana on the Big Island. Lee, who is an adventure photographer at heart, had bigger plans and wanted to take the photographs on top of an actively flowing volcano, so they could get hot lava flowing in the shot.

Check out the rest of the photos below!

A pair is engaging in an intense lip-lock amidst a natural setting that includes a group of horses in the background and lush greenery.

Here is what Lee told BRIDES, “I am obsessed with adventure wedding photography — taking couples on incredible adventures and capturing wedding photos of a lifetime. I’m pretty much down for anything.”

That is certainly for sure with these amazing photos she took of this couple!

A stunning photograph captures a couple in their charming wedding outfits taking a walk around the volcano.
The pair is holding hands, with the bride wearing a gorgeous flower head adornment and the husband wearing a lanyard, with the red magma in the background.
The groom's sweet gesture of carrying his bride is complemented by the stunning backdrop of a rainbow.
While facing her and throwing his arms around her waist, the bride wraps her arms around his groom's neck.
A closer look at the bride's beautiful wedding bouquet and floral headpiece and a glimpse of her ring.
The groom is seated and the bride is on his lap, with their faces touching closely as though they are about to kiss.
A captivating panoramic view of the Hawaiian volcano featuring a couple kissing and a glimpse of the sky.
The pair engaged in an intense kiss while a hot, flowing magma was visible behind them.

The pair engaged in an intense kiss while a hot, flowing magma was visible behind them.
The groom is holding his beautiful bride and seems to be leaning in for a kiss, with a backdrop of hot magma behind them.

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